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Figure # Part # Description Qty. Req'd Choose Qty     Price (ea)     Sales Price (ea)
0  Lower Machine Assy    
1 IHI-0653760UAShoe, Rubber Crawler2QUOTE
1-1 IHI-0653568UAShoe Assy, Crawler (Steel)2QUOTE
2 IHI-D45604500Cover1QUOTE
3 Click to view image as full-size picture file.IHI-051810020Bolt, Treatment (W/L.W, F.W)4$2.01
4 IHI-D45604600Cover1QUOTE
5 IHI-400428101Bolt, Button Head8$1.81
6 IHI-447568200Shoe, Slide4$50.13
7 IHI-056210025Bolt, Socket Head34$1.19
8 IHI-0781181VAMotor Assy, Traction2QUOTE
9 Click to view image as full-size picture file.IHI-D23400900Sprocket, Drive2$387.45
10 IHI-D20216700Frame, Lower (R. H. )1QUOTE
10-1 IHI-D20216800Frame, Lower (R. H.) (For Steel Shoe)1QUOTE
11 IHI-D20635800Frame, Lower1QUOTE
12 IHI-442842400Cover, Under1QUOTE
13 IHI-048010020Bolt, Treatment (W/Flange)2$0.51
14 IHI-D20216500Frame, Lower (L. H. )1QUOTE
14-1 IHI-D20216900Frame, Lower (L. H.) (For Steel Shoe)1QUOTE
15 Click to view image as full-size picture file.IHI-059512000Washer, Treatment12$1.19
16 IHI-055512025Bolt, Treatment12QUOTE
17 IHI-530126100Roller Assy, Lower6QUOTE
18 IHI-400757100Shim12QUOTE

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